The little Legion with a big heart!

Colonel Fitzgerald Branch 233, Orangeville


Ladies Auxiliary Craft Sales

Members of the Ladies’ Auxiliary support the aims and objectives of The Royal Canadian Legion and their dedicated service enriches the programs and activities of the Branch.

During the 1914-1918 war years as wounded veterans returned home, women were asked   to   help   with   their  recovery  by  visiting  hospitals,  sending                             parcels  to  the hospitalized  and  to  needy families.  It  was  from  these dedicated bands                             of women that The  Royal  Canadian Legion Ladies’  Auxiliary  was  started.  Today,  the                                 Ladies’  Auxiliary  is  a   vital  and  integral part  of  the  work  of  the  Legion.   Major                                      contributors  to  the  day-to-day  life  of Legion Branches, Ladies’ Auxiliaries provide                     financial and volunteer support to Legion programs. The Ladies’ Auxiliary (LA) is a non-profit organization operated separate from The Royal Canadian Legion, but together they thrive.

Any woman who is eligible for membership in the Legion may choose to  become a member of the Ladies Auxiliary only, or a member of both organizations.  The Ontario Command have 292 Auxiliaries with 13,731 members. 

Through their many fund raising activities they assist the local Legion Branches, health facilities and programs, school activities, and Bursaries. They also sponsor Cadets, Girl Guides, and Brownies, as well as local and Provincial Youth sports activities.  During the year ending on May 31, 2009 they donated back into the community over $461,515.00. In a one year period, they have donated $166,483.00 to look after our veterans and have donated $1,782,537.00 to our Branches.  Bursary assistance is available for students attending a post secondary institution, and in the year ending on May 31, 2013, they had donated $142,994.50 to this program.